Integrative Bodywork  & Pet Care Services


With sensitivity and intuition, I draw on a wealth of effective non-invasive modalities to provide loving support for you and your pet, meeting them exactly where they are, during all stages of their lives.

I enjoy treating your animal in your home and acknowledge how much their environment affects their wellbeing, health and disposition. I work with all sorts and sizes of animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, rats, mice, guinea pigs, and reptiles (big or small).

Kelly Costa doing body work on a dog
Kelly Costa doing body work on a dog


Reiki is a healing technique that removes stagnation from the tissues and helps prevent dis-ease in the body, by keeping the energy moving, to activate the natural healing processes of your pet’s body to restore well-being.



Acupressure has been practiced effectively for thousands of years, using touch to maintain and restore health. This is effective for individual organs or specific target areas of the body.



Craniosacral uses a light touch to influence the nervous system of the animal, supporting well-being by releasing pain and tension from the connective tissue of the body.


Meridian Massage

Meridian Massage is an overall touch-tonic, relaxing massage for health and wellness. Meridian Massage relieves pain by triggering an endorphin release and calms inflammation through cortisone release. Because their tissues are deeply nourished by this technique, animals tend to be very calmed by this type of massage.


Cold Laser

Cold Laser uses light to penetrate the body for pain relief, healing, tissue repair, and to diminish inflammation. It’s used to assist wound healing, stimulate nerve function, enhance metabolic activity, and many other applications. The laser is useful for both acute and chronic injuries, is non-invasive, and supports your animal’s healing.