Integrative Bodywork  & Pet Care Services


Need some help with your pet? I have experience and am here to assist you with some of the more difficult passages as well as routine, daily life needs.

No time to walk your dog or vacation plans being made? Will you be away from home and wish to have your pet stay in the comfort of their familiar environment? No problem, give me a call, I offer in-home pet care.

Kelly with a happy dog on her lap

Medication Administration

Gentle and confident administration of pills, shots, and subcutaneous fluids to your animals.


Nail Trims

To keep your pet in good health from the ground up, skilled, regular, nail trims as recommended by vets.


Dog Walks

Regular exercise and companionship are important for all animals. If your dog’s specific needs or your work schedule makes this hard for you to consistently provide, we can walk up to 2 dogs at a time.


Pet Sits 

When you need to be away from home, you can arrange for in-home care for your pets. Another option is housing smaller for up to 3  days at a time.